Modern technology has taken over the world for a number of years. It has allowed humans to work faster and easily. Technology paved its way to the top making it a wonder for the world to experience. It has been producing electronics and machines made user-friendly and along with that comes the RFID Technology, also known as the Radio-Frequency Identification Technology. The RFID Technology is an equipment that has made most of its users achieve their goal to an easy system flow.

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What is RFID Technology?

The Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology is a wireless electronic device that uses radio waves made to track and identify objects embedded to it. These objects are identified with an RFID reader. It uses tags or labels to identify such objects attached to it. Its tags are powered by electromagnetic fields which serve as a bridge to transport data to the RFID system. The RFID Technology consists of multiple kinds of tags. Each with a different purpose but functions as the same use.

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What are RFID tags?

The RFID tags are a product of the RFID technlogy itself, these tags are being used in a number of industries. Each tag has its own serial number which makes it unique from the other RFID tags. These are also being used for securing businesses, inventory checking, securing personal belongings and tracking living beings. RFID tags are attachable to almost anything and with that use, it has been known as an electronic device used to secure privacy and security.

What are the uses of RFID Technology?

RFID Technology has been promoting its security system for at least fifty years. It has been used for multiple reasons made to monitor multiple things. For example on: cars, houses, people, cellphones, etc.

Here are some of the uses of RFID Technology:

1. Advertising

RFID cards are made to serve as passes for events and for automatically posting contents on applications. They are commonly used on social media to promote better social advertising.

2. Healthcare

Wristbands are worn by hospital patients that are powered by the RFID technology. They function as to monitoring hospital patients advised for hygienic solutions in order to avoid further health complications.

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3. Hospitals

The RFID cards are placed on hospital equipments to check inventory once in awhile. They also help monitor patients along with their healthcare. The RFID cards promote communication between the staffs and the patients, allowing hospital personnels to better keep track of a patient’s location and status. They help manage medical equipment, employee workflow, and see real-time data for tracking hospital patients.

4. Public Transportation

RFID cards are built in on public transportation vehicles. They are used to gain and access control over vehicles. It tracks the vehicles location and it is also known for its system where it calculates the fare measured on a vehicles certain traveling distance.

5. Human Identification

The Radio-Frequency Identification Technology developed the RFID chips. These chips are implanted in the human’s skin. They are commonly used on businesses where they can identify important or VIP customers. The RFID chips serve as a card where they will no longer pay bills in cash but rather transact payments on the system acquired. They are also used to identify and track a person’s location. However, the RFID chips triggered a controversy on how it violates the human rights and their privacy. It was also connected to the religious issue concerning the conformity of acquiring a chip for atheist groups.

6. Sports

The RFID technology contributes a lot to the sport society. It made monitoring results from different sports easier. The most common sport related the the RFID technology is racing. It allows to record the number of laps, minutes, location, and other factors regarding the sport.

7. Attendance Tracking

RFID cards are now used to check an attendees presence. The RFID technology has made it easier to track a number of people entering an event. It helps eliminate the long lines and registration. This is mostly used on events and meetings.

8. Animal Tracking

Wildlife and animal organizations are now powered with the RFID technology with the help of RFID tags. They are attached on animals which help the caretakers identify real-time location of each animal. The RFID tags also help monitor an animal’s status, for instance, their health.

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9. Control Access

One role of the RFID Technology is also for security purposes. It is also meant to monitor unidentified and identified personnels who enter authorized rooms. The system secures a place from unwanted persons.

10. Bookkeeping

The RFID Technology has made bookkeeping less hassle. Data entries for every check out and check in are now made faster because of the RFID technology. Inventories and sales are now scanned upon purchased. It is now the solution to taking care and keeping track of every item and inventory.

11. Anti-Theft System

Stolen or lost items attached with an RFID tag or chip is made easier to track with the help of the RFID technology. Systems show real-time locations of the items. They assure security for every item.

12. Shipping Transportation

The RFID tags are attached on heavy duty transportation equipment such as shipping containers, railroad trucks and other heavy machines. They function as trackers to be able to monitor locations of the vessels.

13. Agriculture

With the RFID Technology, homing for animals is made easier. Farmers are able to closely monitor health and real-time locations of their animals. This system has made it more cost efficient assuring owners on how to avoid their herds from getting health risks.

14. Military Defence

Stealth is one of the strengths required for field battle. The RFID technology is a good help with that factor. As many of the nation’s military operations demand the RFID technology for a more improved management. The RFID chips are embedded on military equipments. They function as devices which identify enemy units, weapons, targets and etc. The RFID technology help field battle for military operations more efficient.

These are only some of the many uses of the Radio-Frequency Identification Technology. It is not a question of how RFID technology is a helping hand to many of the world’s demands. The RFID technology provides security. Along with that provision, holders or owners of such data information are also asked to provide their own personal data. The use of RFID technology in exchange for someone’s privacy is also risky.

Is the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology safe and secure?

This has been a question commonly asked by users and non-users. Unfortunately, the RFID technology does not assure close security over equipment and belongings. Any holder of a high technology scanner can go inside every RFID tag, chip, or card data. An information theft can discover personal information. However, some of the RFID technology equipments are highly secured. Companies and businesses make sure to input a PIN or password in order to have access on the system’s data. The only concern is whether or not holders of such knowledge share this private information among those unauthorized.